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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pinterest Find :: Bucket Fillers vs. Bucket Dippers

bucket fillers

One of the things my school has done each year is read "Have You Filled A Bucket Today," by Carol McCloud to the younger grades. "Filling a Bucket," not being a "Bucket Dipper," and such are now common language across the grade levels and it has definitely helped kids to be able to separate friendly from unfriendly actions.

Which is why I was really excited to find a Bucket Filler vs. Bucket Dippers headers by 3rd Grade Thoughts and word sort by 1st Grade Fanatics on Pinterest. Often, I have students list examples of "Bucket Fillers" and "Bucket Dippers," but having words to choose from would really help some of the younger students get started.


The best part of both these products? They're FREE!!  So go grab them while you can!

*Note* Photos in this post are from 3rd Grade Thoughts and 1st Grade Fanatics. They are not my own!

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