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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Review :: Erin Condren Life Planner 2013-2014

life planner

Last year, I ordered my first Erin Condren Life Planner. I loved it so much that I convinced a few of my coworkers to get one too and wrote a review about it here as well. This year, I found out the new ones would be available on June 4th and started the countdown in my head to when I could order mine (my husband thought I was nuts).

I placed my order this morning, but here's what I can say so far:


- Having a weekly "to do" list on the side of each week and daily "to do" lists below each day. Prior year's planners had them on most pages, but were missing them for the first week of each month. This will definitely help my organization!

weekly to do daily to do

- Ability to personalize rectangle stickers. In the past, I got a million "vegas" or "play" stickers, which I didn't have a lot of use for. Now, I can personalize them for institute days, school improvement days, parent-teacher conferences, etc., which is awesome!

rectangle stickers

- The classic cover choices. I was a little nervous when I started to see some of the new color options for this year, but was super relieved that many of my favorites from last year were still there! This is the one I ordered this year, with a list of my favorite things for the background and "2013-2014 School Year" for the title, of course:


- Continued durability that I loved from last year. Everything from the super laminated cover to the sturdy aluminum coil put up with all the abuse I put it through last school year. I was happy to see none of these things changed!

aluminum coil

My Wishes for Next Year:

- More "circle sticker" choices. You can upload your own images, but I'd love if they had more pre-made images for holidays to choose from.

circle stickers

- Cheaper notebooks for the back. I'm already forking out $50-$60 for a planner. I feel like it's a little rough to charge an additional $18.50 for matching notebooks, even though they are super cute and personalized. Surely they could get the cost down a bit for those of us already buying a planner!


- Ability to personalize ALL the rectangle stickers. While it is faster (for me and probably for them too!) to have some of them with specific events already made up (sale!, no work!, doctor appt., party!, etc.), it'd really be nice to do ALL my own. That way, I can color code and not be stuck in the colors they've decided for certain types of events (light blue for fun things, red for work).


- An improved pen holder. I still ordered one again for this year, but my one from last year started stretching out after only a month or so. I'd love some higher quality elastic for it.

pen holder

Even though I think there are a few improvements for future years, I am SUPER excited to get mine!! The bright colors and fun overall feel of the planner got me through last year! I ordered it today and the estimated ship date is June 14th, so I'll post an update when it arrives in its adorable, bright-colored box :)

A final note: All of the pictures on this post are from the Erin Condren site. None of them are mine!


Here are some pictures of mine! I love it so much. It *almost* makes me feel ready for school!

Life Planner


  1. the teamJune 13, 2013 at 12:31 PM

    thanks for the great review, thrilled you love it! enjoy!

  2. I have spent hours searching around online for a Calendar/Planner in the last week. I found several that were okay, but "not quite". I stumbled upon your review and I have purchased one:) Yeah! Thank you for the review. I am excited about my new Planner, and of course, dying for it to get here! LOL. I am a bit worried about the size, I usually prefer the Monster (paper) size. I am optimistic that this will be more "life able". Thank you again!

  3. Did you purchase the life planner or the lesson planner? I know it says life planner but it looks like the lesson planner.

  4. I have the Life Planner! The Lesson Planner looks awesome too, but I felt the Life Planner would meet my needs better.

  5. great review! just ordered mine... can't wait to get it! as a side note I believe "champagne" is spelled incorrectly. :/ sorry

  6. Thanks for such a great review! I was looking for a new planner and wasn't sure which one go with, but the Life Planner sounds like what I was looking for all along.